chris sollars      Mine is a familiar story for many photographers.

I somehow got hold of cheap plastic camera when I was about ten years old and spent many a happy hour taking pictures of the local birdlife (I was a keen ornithologist as a child). I would queue up in the local chemist shop to get my Kodak 126 film cartridge developed and then have the agonising 3 to 5 day wait before I could see the results of my endeavours.

All things considered – a light leaking plastic camera case and no clue as to what I was doing! – they didn’t turn out too bad. I think I still have a couple in a box somewhere, taken around the lake at Gatcombe Park before it was bought by Princess Anne and Mark Phillips. (Sorry about the conservatory windows M’am.)

Of course, it never occurred to me that I could make a living with my passion until much later in life. By this time I had had a varied career and travelled the world.

I bought my first 1.6 mega pixel digital camera specifically to photograph my 14 year old daughter on parade with the Sea Cadets – carrying a rifle bigger than she was even before she fixed on the bayonet! A couple more point and shoots later and I splashed out on my first proper Digital SLR.

I bought it at the biggest camera dealership in the world, in New York. I learned how to use it whilst zig zagging down America’s East Coast. Now there was no turning back. I read magazines and books; watched videos and took courses and spent time with pro’s. Along the way I spent hour after hour in a twilight zone of studio photography. I learned how to use photoshop. I even got GAS for a while (Gear Accumulation Syndrome) but the realities of business have soon put a stop to that.

Finally, I was ready to take the plunge and set up in business as a Professional Commercial Photographer.

Now I can offer you the benefit of my passion. Let me help you to take your passion, your business, above and beyond the norm.

Then we can both be happy.